How To Decompress Your Neck
At Home: HealingMatters 102


Do you spend too much time looking down at your phone or in front of a screen? You may be causing serious neck alignment issues that can result in pinched nerves, anxiety, high blood pressure and more. In episode 102 of HealingMatters, Jason Eagle lists his favorite ways for at home neck decompression.

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Who Needs Decompression

How do you know if you need neck or spinal decompression? Your neck consists of seven cervical vertebrae. C1 and C 2 are at the base of you skull and attach the head to the spine. If you read a lot or stare at a screen you will likely develop forward head posture. So just about EVERYONE will benefit from at home stretches that decompress the neck.

Symptoms Of Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is when the head slides forward and compresses the nerves and blood flow. Symptoms of a pinched neck may include: elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, bad digestion, ADD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and more. You can read my previous blog: How Your Neck Alignment Correlates To Disease

Neck Decompression

At home exercises you can do to decompress your neck.

At Home Stretches For Decompression

This is a list of my favorite at home stretches to decompress and elongate the neck. Start slow and talk to your chiropractor. Changing the alignment of the neck can cause other issues. Do not do all of the stretches in one day. Build up to this list three times a day for 10 to 20 seconds. The goal of decompressing the neck is to relax the muscles so the neck and head can return to the proper alignment of the ear over the shoulder. The shoulder over the hip. The hip over the knee. The knee over the ankle, and the ankle over the foot.

  • Chin On Fist: put the fist on the chest, rest chin on fist and push chin down. You can also use the other hand to to cup the base of the skull and gently pull the skull forward.
  • Ear To Shoulder: take the right hand over the top of the head to the left ear and gently pull.
  • Towel Behind Head: place a hand towel at the base of the skull gently pull in the upward, downward, and right/left positions.
  • Kneel Down Elbows Up: kneel down on your knees on the floor in front of a couch. Place your elbows on the couch with your palms on the back of your head and sink your bum down to the floor.
  • Water Bottle On Neck: lay on the floor and put a water bottle in the curve of your neck.
  • OA Release: Occipitoatlantal Release helps reestablish the craniosacral flow by placing tennis balls in a sock and laying on the floor with the tennis balls on each side of the spin in your neck.
  • There are about ten more you can listen to in the video or podcast listed above.

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How Jason Can Help

Jason can use Quantum Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) to ask the body what it is allergic to, what it is deficient in, where energy flows are depleted, and more. By using a holistic approach to health Jason can incorporate many modalities to restore the balance, energy flow, nutrition, and emotional health, Naturally! Jason can administer Mud Packs (I-Packs), Massage Therapy, and design your Nutritional Program.

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