EveryBODY Needs Massage Therapy! Types Of Massage Including Myofascial Release



In episode 78 of HealingMatters, Jason Eagle talks about Massage Therapy. What is Massage Therapy? Why and How massage therapy heals the body. Jason is skilled in many different technique of massage. The myofascial release technique is his favorite. Jason will help you identify the best type of massage therapy for YOU!  You can watch this episode on YouTube

 Who Needs Massage Therapy?

EveryBODY needs Massage Therapy. People of all ages will benefit from massage. Believe it or not, even your pets love it. Massaging the body releases inflammation and toxins. It also moves Lymphatic Fluid. Some techniques are relaxing. All of the techniques release hormones that switches the body from the Sympathetic Nervous System into the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Jason’s favorite technique is Myofascial Release.

Massage Therapy

EveryBODY needs Massage Therapy!

Connective Tissue, Fascia & Myofascial Release

Connective Tissue is found throughout the entire body. Connective Tissue is also called Fascia. For example, fascia is the white membrane you find on chicken. Another example of fascia is the sleeve of a shirt, if you pull on the sleeve it will move at other places of the shirt because the shirt is all connected, just like facia. A knot in the facia at the neck could cause a limp or pain in the foot because it’s all connected. Fascia goes in all position and and directions almost like a spiders web. A specific type of massage therapy called Myofascial Release is massaging, squeezing, and stretching the skin, fascia, and muscles to break down adhesions, scar tissue, or knots.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a Massage Therapy Technique.

Jason Eagle’s Massage Therapy Experience

Jason Eagle became a Massage Therapist in 1996! Over the years he’s continues his education. He’s a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, he’s a trained Clinical and Medical Massage Therapist. He a Soft Tissue Specialist and is trained in Deep Tissue, Sports, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Turkish, Shiatzu, Trigger Point, Zablidowsky, and more! He can assess you and give you the best massage for what you kneed by using Kinesiology or Muscle Testing. When Jason works on you, you will be covered with a sheet and wrapped in a special way that always keeps sensitive areas covered. Of course, you can always dress in a way that you are most comfortable.

Recommendations After A Massage

Jason recommends drinking LOTS of water after a massage to help flush toxins out of the system. Not only can physical toxins be released but emotions as well. Rest and relax. Premier Research Labs Magnesium helps relax tight muscles. An Epsom Salt bath also help keep the body relaxed.

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Support your health by becoming a Patron,  You’ll get even more in depth answers to your health questions answered directly by Jason Eagle of Strategic Healing.

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