Why You Need To Eat More Sea Salt

More Salt?

Have you been told salt is bad? I’m talking Sea Salt, not iodized salt. Sea salt contains the the most important nutrients and minerals. Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium are three electrolytes that the body needs. Electrolytes allow the body to move electricity. You’re brain, heart, hormones are all eltro-chemical signals that need the minerals.

How The Body Looses/Uses Salt

When you sweat, you sweat out your salt. So it is very important to replace it. The body’s metabolic processes use minerals. This includes every process for living like muscular contractions, immune system, nervous system and more.


Healthy Electrolyte Replacement Drink Recipe

Think Gatorade but we can make it much healthier by replacing the artificial flavors, artificial colors and added sugars. I like to make my natural “Gatorade” with 1/2 tsp Sea Salt, juice from 1/2 a lemon and maple syrup or raw honey in water.

What Happens When You’re Deficient

Symptoms that may be caused by a salt deficiencies: tired, dizziness (adrenal reaction), frequent urination, frequently thirsty, and swelling. A salt deficiency can make you tired because the body works harder to support the extra weight of excessive fluid and the pressure it puts on veins and arteries. Think of an IV bag at the hospital. It is normally a salt drip because you’re dehydrated which means you’re deficient. Deficiencies can also thicken the blood. The correct balance of salt in the blood stream makes the blood hold enough water.  Salt creates enough electrolytes to send the correct signals to the heart.

Sea Salt Flakes

Flakes Of Sea Salt

Favorite Type Of Sea Salt

I really enjoy any hand harvested Sea Salt. Right now my favorite is Maldon. We keep an antique salt cellar dip on the dining room table filled with these large salt flakes. I bet we fill it up once a week! I also enjoy Celtic Sea Salt and of course a staple in my home is Premier Research Labs Pink Salt. Support this show and others by purchasing your Premier Research Labs products from my online store at Strategic Healing.

Premier Research Labs Supplements

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Jason Eagle QRA

Jason’s Local TN Holistic Health

How Jason Can Help

Jason can use Quantum Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) to ask the body what it is allergic to, what it is deficient in, where energy flows are depleted, and more. By using a holistic approach to health Jason can incorporate many modalities to restore the balance, energy flow, nutrition, and emotional health, Naturally! Jason can administer Mud Packs (I-Packs), Massage Therapy, and design your Nutritional Program.

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