Hidden Biofilms Could Be Keeping You Sick: Episode 100


Do you have a chronic disease that just won’t do away? In episode 100 of HealingMatters, Jason Eagle talks about biofilms. Learn what a biofilm is and why it evades your immune system. Learn how to “melt” biofilms and regain true health. Jason also suggest several Premier Research Labs supplements to help bread down biofilms. Check out my youtube video below.


Biofilms are a bacterial or fungal coating that forms a home inside of your body. Gross, right? If your body recognizes the biofilm, which it generally doesn’t because it’s made of sugar, you can experience chronic infection, inflammation, and or pain. It will stimulate an immune response to an infection of the other critters living inside of you. When your body is out of balance with infection or disease, the immune system’s job is to keep the invaders in check. Biofilms are a polysaccharide sack or a sugar home for the invader. Plaque or tarter are examples of a biofilm. These sugar sacks solidify, almost calcify. They can even attach to bones. At first the biofilm is slimy, then it will firmly attach and spread. It can generate more bacteria.

biofilms 100

Hidden biofilms could be keeping you sick.

Biofilms Can Communicate

Believe it or not, these invaders can communicate three different ways to keep you sick. We’ve learned that through quorum sensing, the bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasites communicate so they can evade the immune system.

  1. Chemicals used by the messengers though touch is the first way they communicate. An example is bees or other insects following a trail of pheromones.
  2. Electromagnetics can be used if the invaders can’t touch. Think of the electromagnetic frequencies for a cell phone or wifi.
  3. Biphotonic Emissions are little packets of photons or light. There are amazing photos online of bioluminescent water.

How To Remove Biofilms

One might think antibiotics will remove biofilms but be careful of creating antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are unable to penetrate biofilms. Biofilms need to be melted from the inside out. Garlic is a great way to melt biofilms. Garlic is antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antibacterial. Premier Research Labs Cardio ND is great for the heart. It will help remove artery plaque (which is a biofilm). Cardio ND does think the blood. Premier Research Labs Vitamin C is great for the blood. We might not think we can get Scurvy but I just read that one in five people are deficient in Vitamin C. It’s important to use a combination of natural and synthetic Vitamin C. Premier Research Labs HCL will also help melt biofilms if taken on an empty stomach. An empty stomach is defined as 30 minutes before a meal or three hours after a meal. HCL and Vitamin C can help protect against food poisoning. bone infections, Lyme’s disease and more. Check out my previous blogs on HCL Therapy and the Protease Blood Cleanse.

  • Allicidin: I take two capsules of Premier Research Labs Allicidin three times per day.
  • Cardio ND: I take one to two teaspoons of Cardio ND at breakfast and dinner.
  • Vitamin C: I take 1,000 to 10,000 mg of a combination or Premier Research Labs Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid.
  • HCL: I take up to one to four HCL capsules on an empty stomach.

Premier Research Labs Supplements

You can buy all Premier Research Labs (PRL) supplements mentioned in today’s show on my website. PRL supplements that may help melt biofilms are Allicidin, Cardio ND, Vitamin C, HCL, Vitamin D, and Deltanol. Don’t forget, Premier Research Labs is the Professional line of Quantum Nutrition Labs ONLY for certified practitioners.

How Jason Can Help

Jason can use Quantum Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) to ask the body what it is allergic to, what it is deficient in, where energy flows are depleted, and more. By using a holistic approach to health Jason can incorporate many modalities to restore the balance, energy flow, nutrition, and emotional health, Naturally! Jason can administer Mud Packs (I-Packs), Massage Therapy, and design your Nutritional Program.

Jason and Katy had an unexpected start to a homestead in 2014. Katy’s father didn’t want to mow the lawn anymore. Before you knew it, there were five sheep in the backyard. Jason wanted a garden, so we cleared some land. Katy wanted some chickens, so we built a coop. Follow us on our multigenerational homesteading adventures and watch how we incorporate Jason’s Quantum Reflex Analysis (holistic health) background at S. Healing Homestead.

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