In episode 67 of HealingMatters, Jason Eagle talks about Sleep. Many of us have concerns about our sleep patterns. What is optimal sleep? Why do I need to sleep? Why can’t I sleep? What is the importance of sleep? What are good supplements to help me sleep?

Our brain is designed to sleep. Sleep deprivation creates many health issues from brainwashing to impaired motor skills. What we eat, what we drink, when we eat or drink it can act as a neurotransmitter stimulator. Avoid eating and drinking two to three hours before bedtime. Avoid eating caffeine (coffee, red bull, yerba mate, sugar, aspartame, and msg after 2pm).

There are External or Environmental factors that affect sleep. Create an ideal bedroom by using a heavy blanket, natural fibers, no electronics at night (or even in the bedroom), keep the room temperature around 62 degrees.  It might seem counterintuitive but sunshine has positive effects on the body to increase sleep. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when the body doesn’t get enough sunshine, therefore, the pituitary gland can’t produce Melatonin during the REM state. Then during the day, the melatonin is converted to Serotonin and Dopamine…the happy chemicals.

There are also Internal factors that can affect sleep. Infections and Parasites will disrupt sleep patterns. Parasites lay their eggs during the new moon. Those eggs hatch two weeks later during the next full moon. Ask anyone who works in the Emergency Room or in Law Enforcement if they see increased activity during a full moon. Luna means Moon in Latin and other languages…LUNAtic.

If the body is protecting itself from the pain of an injury, you will unknowingly tighten the muscles around the injured area. Not only can pain from an injury make it harder to fall asleep, once the body relaxes during sleep, the pain can increase. Speaking of relaxing. People with Sleep Apnea stop breathing while they are sleeping. The body will wake them up multiple times throughout the night creating sleep deprivation.

Toxins in the body can be poisoning you while you sleep. Especially Heavy Metals from dental fillings. “Silver” fillings are 50% Mercury. Toxic Mercury goes directly to the brain. An even worse scenario is if you have “Silver” filling and Gold fillings. This creates electrolysis while you sleep sending even more toxins and stress on the Liver and Gallbladder. A classic example of an overtaxed Liver and Gallbladder is waking up between 3am to 4am. If you wake up in the middle of the night around 3am you likely will not get the five consecutive hours of sleep that the Adrenal Glands require to make Adrenaline. Do not eat or drink two to three hours before bedtime to help ease the Liver and Gallbladder.

There are multiple stages to Insomnia: Falling Asleep, Staying Asleep, and the Liver and Gallbladder waking you up at 3am. If your nervous system is in the Sympathetic phase, you could have insomnia. At night and while you sleep, you want your nervous system to be in Parasympathetic. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System are run on hormones. Hormones let you fall asleep and stay asleep. Hormones run everything and are fat soluble.

Premier Research Labs Supplements that can aid sleep are:

  • Greens Mix & Coral Calcium to regulate the pH.
  • Tranquinol, Hemp, and Melatonin to help get deep REM Sleep.
  • HM Nano, Liver ND, and Cilantro to remove Heavy Metals.
  • Mini and Master Gallbladder Flush removes Toxins and helps increase Energy.
  • AdrenaVen helps repair the Adrenal Glands.
  • HCL, Digest, and Probiotics help aid Digestion.
  • Mud Packs help repair the energy flow to an old Injury.

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