Shaky Hands; Is It Parkinson’s?

In episode 65 of Healing Matters, Jason Eagle talks about shaky hands and a wobbly gait. Is it Parkinson’s or something else?

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What Causes The Body To Shake?

There are many factors that can cause the body to shake. If the neurons in the brain misfiring or die, movement can be impaired. Don’t assume all shaking is because of Parkinson’s Disease, for instance, Adrenal Fatigue and Cardiovascular Diseases can also cause the body and hands to shake. Certain foods or too much caffeine can also cause shaking. We’ve all seen the person that has an uncontrollable bouncing knee.


The brain is a muscle. It can be exercised and restored.

How The Brain Works

Your brain is part of the nervous system. The nerves branch off from the spinal cord or spinal column. Parkinson’s is a miss firing of neurons because there is a break in the myelin sheath. Myelin sheath is made up of fat or lipids. Fat protects your brain. Your brain is made up of ~60% fat. Parkinson’s is partly genetics but genes aren’t what you think they are. Genetics means you have a propensity for the genes to “mess up” if the conditions are unhealthy.

An Infection Can Be Creating The Environment For Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s can be triggered by the immune system when an infection, virus, bacteria or parasite is present. Viruses may be the underlying factor creating infections. A a trifecta of viruses that can lead to Parkinson’s is Herpes, Cytomegalvirus, and Epstein Barr. Infections can also be caused by the waste products from bacteria. Examples of bacterial infections are H. Pylori, Gingivitis, and Urinary Tract Infections. There is still a third party that could be creating an infection in the body and that’s parasites. Parasites that may cause infections are Toxoplasmosis and Trichinosis. Don’t think because you live in the United States of America that you aren’t exposed to parasites or that you can’t catch parasites. Parasites don’t care where you live or how much money you have. 


what is Parkinsons?

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Three Things To Do If You Have Parkinson’s Disease

There are three main things to do you do if you have or think you may have Parkinson’s Disease. The first thing you can do it identify what is causing the infection. The second think you can do is rebuild the healthy fats in the body and the brain. Lastly, cleansing can detoxify the brain and body. 
  1. Determine what viruses are involved. L-Lysine will help you fight viruses and infection. Remove the Mercury in your mouth/dental fillings that are outgassing Mercury into the body. Hot and cold foods and beverages are constantly expanding and contracting the metal.
  2. Rebuild the fat. DHA, Vitamin E (Delta tocotrienols), be able to absorb and digest the fats with emulsifiers like Limonene. Fix your fat metabolism.
  3. Endotoxin Removal grabs onto the toxins and removes them safely from the body. I use the Premier Research Labs supplement, MediClay. I also use an infrared sauna, the vibro board (vibrations help rebuild the muscles and repattern the neurology), and a special type of intestinal massage. Remove pesticides from your food. Especially the pesticide, glyphosate. There are also emotional toxins.
Parkinsons 65

Why Are My Hands Shaky…Do I Have Parkinsons Disease?

Ways Quantum Reflex Analysis Can Help With Parkinson’s Disease

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a non invasive form or muscle testing that asks your body what is happening to your health. As a Quantum Reflex Practitioner, I can help you discover physical and emotional triggers that are effecting your health. Once these triggers have been identified, they can be released with the Emotional Repolarization Techniques, Mud Packs and or Premier Research Labs food bases supplements.  A specific supplement regime and changing your diet can help reduce inflammation and infection.
For Example:
  • Eating a Ketogenic or Anti Viral diet can help reduce infection, toxins, and inflammation.
  • Premier Research Labs supplements that can help rebuild the Mitochondria (cellular energy) are CoQ10 with PQQ and Deltanol,
  • Rebuild the fat in the body with DHA, Fatty Fish, Grass Fed Animal Fats, and Avocados.
  • Rebuild the Immune System with Nucleotides, Allicidin, and Olive Leaf.
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Don’t underestimate what a chronic infection can do to the body.

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