Wow, do we LOVE Sauerkraut. Not the vinegary kind you can buy in the store, but the fermented kind like Grandma used to make!
After we picked and washed the two rows of cabbage we planted in our garden, we picked off any bad leaves and cut it in half.

Cut and remove the stem with two wedge slices.

Cut each half in half so you have quarters. Quarters are easier to run through the meat slicer.

Slice away and make sure to use the guard to protect your fingers. Weigh out one pound of sliced cabbage.

We add one teaspoon of sea salt to every pound of cabbage and mix thoroughly. Keep repeating these steps until you’ve used up all of the cabbage.

Press/tamp the salted cabbage mixture. Juices should start to rise over the top of the cabbage. We put a heavy plate on top of our crock and leave it in the basement. It will be ready to eat at three weeks but we like to let it ferment for at least two to three month.

Jason and Katy had an unexpected start to a homestead in 2014. Katy’s father didn’t want to mow the lawn anymore. Before you knew it, there were five sheep in the backyard. Jason wanted a garden, so we cleared some land. Katy wanted some chickens, so we built a coop. Follow us on our multigenerational homesteading adventures and watch how we incorporate Jason’s Quantum Reflex Analysis (holistic health) background at S. Healing Homestead.

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