How To Naturally Produce
Regenerate Stem Cells: HealingMatters 80

In episode 80 of HealingMatters, Jason Eagle talks about Stem Cells. What is a stem cell? How can I naturally increase my production of stem cells? What natural supplements (vitamins) can I take to help my body increase stem cell production?

What Are & How Do Stem Cells Work

The body is made of cells. The cells are made of protein. A stem cell is a blank cell. Every seven years, every cell in your body is replaced with a new cell (brain, bone, skin, hair, etc.) Every cell starts off as a stem cell. Every stem cell is like a blank sheet of paper that your body can use anywhere in the body. A stem cell is like a fresh new cell with no memory of what it was like previously. The next step is the stem cell becomes a Daughter Cell. A daughter cell which is essentially a clone that can either turn into a stem cell and start over or it can turn into a Specialized Cell. A specialized cell turns into the type of cell that the body needs in a specific spot for a specific function. For example, when a cell is needed in the shoulder, a stem cell is produced, turns into a specialized cell for the shoulder. What was the cell before it was damaged. As we age, we produce less “blank” stem cells.

natural stem cells

How to naturally produce stem cells.

4 Ways To Increase Stem Cell Production

Here are four ways to increase the body’s ability to produce more stem cells. We can use modern Technology. We can change our Behavior. There are specific supplements we can take. There are certain foods we can eat and foods not to eat.

Modern Technology You Can Use

There is a lot of modern technology and medical procedures we can do. One example is the use of lasers that can cut our the bad and stimulate the good. For dentistry, Dr. Taylor in Rochester, MI uses laser treatments. Dr. Manela is a chiropractor in Royal Oak, MI. He has laser therapy to speed up the production of stem cells. This is great to speed the healing of injuries. Acupuncture inserts needles into specific energy pathways to stimulate stem cell production. Prolotherapy is another injection to increase stem cell production. Lidocaine numbs the area and then a saline solution is injected to repair cells. There is also Magnetic Therapy for the brain or injured areas.

Behaviors You Can Do

Behaviors that you can do and some are FREE! Intermittent Fasting and Caloric Restriction will increase stem cell production. Limited foods stimulates stem cell production because your eyes, hearing, and fast twitch muscles grow as a survival mechanism to stimulate the hunting skills so you can catch food. Contrast Therapy with an ice bath and a sauna stimulates rejuvenation because your body squeezes the tissues and prompts the body to produce stem cells. Exercise is always at the top of the list because micro muscle tears stimulates more stem cells. Vibrations increase stem cells. We love our vibroboard. Sound Therapy includes Singing and Humming creates vibrations as well. “Thumping” your Thymex. Limbic System can be stimulated by scents and essential oils and Aromatherapy. Get more SLEEP! Oxygen Restriction increases stem cell production. For example, go on a vacation to a town in the mountain at a high elevation. Hyperbaric Chambers is similar to the high elevation. Live O2 (Adaptive Contrast) is a mask you can use while you exercise that restricts your Oxygen intake and then increases the Oxygen flow.

The Supplements You Can Take

You can buy all Premier Research Labs (PRL) supplements mentioned in today’s show on my website. Supplements by Premier Research Labs and their sister company Quantum Nutrition include Vitamin D3 K2, Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric, Chaga Mushrooms, CoQ10 PQQ, NZ Deer Antler, and Nucleotides.

The Way You Eat

The foods you eat have a direct impact on your body and your cells. If you eat processed and junk foods you are aging and killing cells. Sugar feeds infection, cancer cells, and causes inflammation. Healthy foods that increase regeneration are Bone Broth, Vegetables, Cruciferous Veggis with S.O.D., Citrus, Liver, Beets, Catechins (apples, blueberries, cacao, green tea, kiwis, and more), Garlic, Plantain, and more.

How Jason Eagle Can Help

Jason can use Quantum Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) to ask the body what it is allergic to, what it is deficient in, where energy flows are depleted, and more. By using a holistic approach to health Jason can incorporate many modalities to restore the balance, energy flow, nutrition, and emotional health, Naturally! Jason can administer Mud Packs (I-Packs), Massage Therapy, and design a Nutritional Program specifically for you. Schedule now!

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