How To Make Homemade Cheese

Hello Friends! We made a Fromage Blanc after milking our Katahdin Meat Sheep. We had so much fun doing this that we ended up buying some East Friesian Milking Sheep. Believe it or not, there is a big difference in the easability and temperament between a meat sheep and a dairy sheep. The dairy sheep are soooo much easier to milk!

Milking Sheep

Chantel’s Daily Milking


This is Chantel, one of our East Friesian Milking sheep. She has the most milk but is not necessarily the easiest to milk. It’s amazing how each sheep has it’s own personality and how different the personalities are between the Katahdin sheep and the East Friesian sheep.
Let me tell you, we NEVER thought we’d be milking sheep let alone making homemade raw sheep milk cheeses. But since we did/are, here is my favorite source to get the different cheese cultures. Cultures determine if you will get a Feta, Cheddar, Mozzarella, or a different variety/flavor. Check out Cultures for Health for lots of cheese recipes and any starter/culture you could ever need!

Draining The Whey

Draining off the whey from the cheese.

Save the whey and add it to a smoothie for an extra protein boost. We did a little research and were shocked to learn that the whey from making cheese is no different from the dry whey protein powder that you can buy at the health food store. If protein shakes aren’t your cup of tea, you can feed add it to you dog/cat’s food or feed it to your chickens!

Check out this quick youtube video of us draining the whey off the homemade Fromage Blanc cheese!

And here’s the end product: Homemade Fromage Blanc Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese!

Homemade Cheese

Homemade Fromage Blanc Cheese

Don’t be scared to try making cheese! There are a lot of steps but it’s not any different than following the instructions for baking. Comment below what type of cheese you want to learn how to make or share your favorite homemade cheese recipe!

Jason and Katy had an unexpected start to a homestead in 2014. Katy’s father didn’t want to mow the lawn anymore. Before you knew it, there were five sheep in the backyard. Jason wanted a garden, so we cleared some land. Katy wanted some chickens, so we built a coop. Follow us on our multigenerational homesteading adventures and watch how we incorporate Jason’s Quantum Reflex Analysis (holistic health) background at S. Healing Homestead.

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