Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Indigestion, GERD: Holistic


In episode 83 of Healing Matters, Jason Eagle talks about indigestion also known as heartburn, acid reflux, and Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Why does indigestion happen? What are the symptoms of indigestion? Premier Research Labs (PRL) supplements that heal your digestion.

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What Is Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux or GERD occurs when the contents of the stomach regurgitate up the esophagus and the esophagus gets inflamed and damaged. The bile goes up the esophagus instead of down into the intestines. GERD can be linked to taking antacids and alkalizing the a system that doesn’t have enough Hydrochloric Acid (HCL).

Acid Reflux

Do you experience Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Heartburn, or GERD?

Causes of Acid Reflux

Neck or back injuries can sedate the nerves to the stomach and intestines. Mud packs are a great way to bring the energy back to sedated areas. Infections can use up all of the HCL. When this happens, the body can grow biofilms. Biofilms are a plaque or mucus that becomes infected. A chronic cough may be a sign of Acid Reflux. It can cause Asthma and other lung problems. The esophagus is the same pipe as the airway. Over eating means you have eaten too much food for the stomach to handle. The over stretched stomach can stretch the pyloric sphincter valve and acid can come up. Ulcers can also develop in the esophagus. The acid created scar tissue and narrows the esophagus.

Don’t Do This

Don’t take antacids or drugs that stop the acid. Don’t drink Alkalized water. Milk and Orange juice do not help acid reflux. As you age, the digestive capabilities are harder for the cells to get nutrients. Don’t take collagen until you have your stomach working properly. You can’t absorb the collagen and use it until you fix your digestion.

Premier Research Labs Supplements

You can buy all Premier Research Labs (PRL) supplements mentioned in today’s show on my website.
Premier Research Labs makes many supplements that help restore the stomach and intestines. Digest and Digestase Sp are great digestive enzymes. HCL will help you digest food and even break down biofilms. ACV is dried Apple Cider Vinegar in a capsule. Allicidin (garlic) kills infection. You can also sleep on your lift side to help the stomach push food down instead of up. Get checked for sleep apnea. Erosion from the acid reflux can narrow the airway and create problems sleeping.

How Jason Eagle Can Help

Jason can use Quantum Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) to ask the body what it is allergic to, what it is deficient in, where energy flows are depleted, and more. By using a holistic approach to health Jason can incorporate many modalities to restore the balance, energy flow, nutrition, and emotional health, Naturally! Jason can administer Mud Packs (I-Packs), Massage Therapy, and design a Nutritional Program specifically for you.
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