Did you see the latest magazine, Natural Awakenings? Jason has a news brief about his new website with online supplement ordering!
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Guidance for Your Whole Food Supplements

Auburn Hills Practitioner Launches New Website with Online Ordering

Natural Awakenings News: Guidance for Your Whole Food Supplements
Jason Eagle

Jason Eagle of Strategic Healing, LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of his redesigned website and his new role as a referral practitioner for Premier Research Labs’ line of supplements. Eagle is now offering a free 15-minute phone consultation for those needing guidance in selecting supplements, which may then be ordered through his new website store: StrategicHealing.us.

“The full line of Quantum Nutrition Labs whole food supplements and more are available through the practitioner label Premier Research Labs,” explains Eagle. “These aren’t your typical supplements. They are made from fruits and vegetables, fermented and excipient free, meaning there are no fillers. Many supplements are made from synthetic ingredients and the capsules have fillers, additives and magnesium stearate. Premier Research Labs is the world leader in cellular resonant formulations.”

Eagle is a Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) practitioner as well as a licensed massage therapist.

Strategic Healing, LLC is located at 2545 N. Opdyke Rd., Auburn Hills. For more information, call Jason Eagle at 734-985-5891 or visit StrategicHealing.us.

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