Foreign Interference Related To Your Immune System

In Episode 59 of HealingMatters, Jason explains how your immune system handles foreign interference. How to enhance the immune system with Vitamins and Minerals. What foods to eat to build up your glands. What dietary fats hurt and what dietary fats heal. Did you know that sugar is attacking your whole body? Looking at old pharmaceuticals like Ivermectin to kill Covid. You can also listen to this episode of HealingMatters as a Podcast!

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What is foreign interference inside your body?
What is an immune alliance inside of your body?
How Vitamins and Minerals enhance the whole immune system.
If you can’t eat it, how to supplement it.
Free radicals and dietary fats harm your health. There are antioxidants you can eat to protect your body.
How to fight the cold and flu. You can boost your immune system so much that you’ll feel so great you won’t know you’re body is fighting the cold or flu.
Learn how sugar is attacking your whole body!
Don’t just focus on killing viruses and bacteria. Focus on strengthening your immune system.
Why you should be taking Ivermectin prophylactically if you’re a first responder.


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