Eczema – Natural Skincare From The Inside Out HealingMatters 75


In episode 75 of HealingMatters Jason talks about Eczema. Learn what eczema is. Learn how to clear it up by eating or not eating certain foods. Learn which Premier Research Labs supplements may help clear up your skin.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition. Hot, red, itchy inflamed skin. Acute inflammation is hot and itchy. Chronic inflammation is always there but maybe in different levels of irritation. Eczema shows you what is happening on the inside. Skin is the largest organ of the body. It eliminates toxins.

A toxic liver and a toxic colon will express outwardly on the skin. A toxic liver, weak Adrenal Glands, and a poor diet contributes to Eczema and skin conditions. Think of a skin condition as sick skin. Constipation builds up toxins that may be expressed through the skin. Weak Adrenal Glands prevent you from holding enough fluid and you can get dehydrated.
The easiest and cheapest way to make your skin happy is sunshine! Sunshine allows your body to convert Cholesterol into Vitamin D.

Eczema 75

Eczema: Healthy Skin From The Inside Out

Toxic Foods

There are also foods that are super unhealthy for the skin. Avoid processed foods, fried foods, vegetable oils, and sugar. Fix your Adrenal Glands or the will get weak and won’t be able to hold onto fluid in the intestines and colon thus creating dehydration. If you’re “not thirsty” you body will pull water out of the excrement and create constipated “rabbit pellet poop”. Your body will reabsorb the toxins from the excrement into your liver. Then the liver will detox the toxins out through the skin causing skin issues.

Eczema is also known as topical dermatitis. It’s caused by toxins oozing our of your own body and it also creates chronic inflammation.

Healing Foods

Foods that help are greens, vegetables, sea salt, probiotics, melons (hydrating), DHA, EPA, Deltanol, Healthy Oils, Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Grass Fed Lamb (and fat), Grass Fed Beef (and fat), and Pastured Eggs. These healthy foods and fats will help soothe the skin.

Supplements For Eczema & Healthy Skin

Premier Research Labs Supplements that I would take are: Garlic (Allicidin) is a natural antibacterial/antibiotic. It thins the blood which allows more Oxygen to the skin. Candida is Yeast that feeds on sugar. Oregano Oil (ADP), Propolis (Propolis Immune), Fiber (Psyllium Blend) will help kill Candida. Ringworm is also a Candida infection/fungus. Drink more water and add more sea salt (Pink Salt) to your water or food to help give your Adrenal Glands more energy. Get outside in the Sunshine (Vitamin D) take off your shoes and Ground!

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