Carpal Tunnel, Tingling Hands, & Holistic Options

In episode 66 of HealingMatter, Jason talks about Carpal Tunnel, Tingling Hands, and Holistic Options. Carpal Tunnel symptoms are tingling hands/fingers, numbness, cold hands, weak grip/can’t hold little things like a sheet of paper, and a painful, weak wrist. Carpal Tunnel can be from a pinched nerve further up the “line”, weak adrenal glands, inflammation from viral or bacterial infections, and/or Candida. There are many other options other than surgery like Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Yoga, and Dietary Changes. There are also many Premier Research Labs Supplements that can be purchased at that can help alleviate Carpal Tunnel.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Just because your wrist hurts doesn’t mean that the root of the pain is stemming from the wrist. Your body has nerves that run from the brain all the way to your fingertips and tips of your toes. A pinched nerve causes pain and swelling/inflammation. A pinched nerve in your neck, jaw, shoulder, elbow, or wrist can cause Carpal Tunnel. Surgery might not remove the pain on the first attempt. The more surgeries you have, the more the scar tissue builds up and the more nerves that can be affected by the pressure from the scar tissue.

Carpal Tunnel 66

Carpal Tunnel, Tingling Hands, & Holistic Options

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome will cause Carpal Tunnel like symptoms. Surgery will not help alleviate the pain because it is caused by tight muscles. A stiff neck or forward head posture can cause pain in the wrist.

Healthy Eating

Food choices directly impact joint pain and inflammation.

An intestinal infection can cause inflammation and swelling in the joints. Joints are the most affected because they have the least amount of blood flow. A weak Adrenal System can cause joint pain because the adrenals control the tightness of the tendons. Another thing that can cause joint pain is viruses. Viruses can hang out in the joints because of the lack of blood flow. The Antiviral dies will help reduce inflammation. The Antiviral diet will also help remove Candida. People that eat a lot of sugar and carbohydrates create an environment that feeds infection and produces inflammation. Constipation also causes inflammation because your body holds onto and reabsorbs toxins.


Massage Therapy will help identify where the nerve is pinched and it will help reduce pain.

Holistic & Natural Ways To Reduce Pain

There are many holistic practices that help remove inflammation and toxins. Chiropractic will help realign the skeletal system. Massage Therapy, Yoga, and Stretching will help squeeze toxins out of the joints. Nutrition will create an environment where infection isn’t “fed.” Premier Research Labs Supplements can help clean out scar tissue, fight infection, and more.

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Epsom Salt Bath Recipe: Four pounds of Epsom Salt in a warm/hot bath tub. Soak for 30 to 60 minutes. Relax!

Old vaccinations on the shoulder can also cause Carpal Tunnel symptoms because scar tissue may have built up at the injection site. Scar tissue and old injuries will block the body’s energetic flow. There is a technique I am skilled in called I-Packs (mud packs). This very specific technique is guided by muscle testing to help identify the exact injured area. It can be rejuvenated with minerals and help restore the energetic flow. Did you learn something new?

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