In episode 62 of HealingMatters, Jason talks about his top 5 things you must do to be Healthy in 2021! We all know the basics but need a quick reminder: more sleep – less screen time, more water – less sugary drinks, more healthy fats – less sugar, more fresh air and sunshine – less sitting inside.

1. Digest/Absorb: your food better by using enzymes and HCL, Pink Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar.
2. Elimination: the body’s ability to remove waste products and toxins through bowl movements, urine, sweating, and exhalation. Magnesium helps with bowl movements. Medi Clay helps absorb toxins.
3. Supplements: the top mineral by Premier Research Labs are Fermented Greens Mix, pH Minerals, Zinc, Magnesium, Essential Fatty Acids (DHA, Vitamin D, and Deltanol). If you’ve enhanced your immune system with these and still want to boost it more: Allicidin, Cardio ND, Fire Cider, Colostrum, Medi Clay, AllerCaps, NAC, Olive Leaf, and Fermented Mushrooms.
4. Breathing: most people breathe too shallow. Get outside and breathe fresh air. Slow your breathing down and learn square breathing. Stop vaping! In cold climates, it can crystallize moisture in your lungs. Halo Therapy: heal your lungs with breathing salty air.
5. Fear Less: Have less fear. Have Faith over Fear. Measure your heart rate/pulse. Slow your mind down. Know that you’ve done your best.

Top 5 2021

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Support your health by becoming a Patron,  You’ll get even more in depth answers to your health questions answered directly by Jason Eagle of Strategic Healing.

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